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Committee actions will be coordinated on Slack (we will teach you!), a communication and workflow app for teams with many overlapping projects. The committees that are listed below are a jumping off point - please select the committees closest to your interest and things can always evolve from there! Some examples:

  • Rhode Island Department of Health

    • ​declaring racism a public health crisis

    • calls for defunding/disarming/disbanding/abolishing the police

    • spearheading Annual Report and Action Plan on Racial Health Outcomes

  • Lifespan/Care New England

    • institutional efforts around equity, diversity, inclusion; including diversifying the healthcare workforce

    • anonymous reporting portal for aggressions

    • improved community engagement 

  • Residency Recruitment

    • Retention and recruitment of diverse residents in every department

  • Anti-Racism Curriculum

    • abolishing race-based medicine 

    • organizing and sharing resources and people power for workshops, didactics, lectures around structural racism

  • Warren Alpert Medical School/GME/Brown Physicians Inc

    • Increasing Diversity at the Faculty Level

    • Making a track-record of working towards increasing diversity a requirement for hiring/promotion

    • Supporting student-centered actions, including but not limited to ones demanded by AMS Affinity Groups United:

      • Publish disaggregated demographic admissions data

      • Fund Anti-Racism Training for all faculty, staff and administration

      • Overhaul racist education

      • Organization of URiM Focus Groups with faculty, administration and students

      • Protecting student advocacy; no medical student should fear retaliation or retribution for raising concerns against the medical school, Brown University, or affiliated institutions. 

      • Investigation of disparities in remediation, that includes creation of a de-identified database, containing a large number of variables, including race, in which we can examine reasons why students of color may be overrepresented in regard to exam remediation and time away from medical school

      • Increased admission of Black and other URiM students through the standards admission route

      • Diversify faculty and administration

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